Home Automation Explained

Homes started being automated a long time ago when people started using remote controls and thermostats. They have continued to improve as technology advances. The current technology allows us to have what is referred to as smart homes, full of accessories powered by the internet, local connectivity and sensors. The modern home has far more ability than we could ever imagine, ranging from automatic on and off switching for lights to more sophisticated stuff that require thinking.

Home automation is a concept that explores the greatest and latest technological products and services to help make life easy around the home. Home automation is also commonly referred to as “internet of things” or “’connected devices”. A more accurate approach to these terms reveals that all these terms may not mean exactly the same thing, but are all distinct elements that make up the “smart home” concept. Let’s define the terms one by one and show how they make up the current smart home.

Home automation: All electrical devices in a home are connected together to an automated central control system. These devices are given different instructions to perform different functions.

Connected devices: This is made up of intelligent electrical devices that are connected to the internet and contain sensors. They have an ability to sense and know user needs and provide them. During the first days of its use, their intelligence is only dependent on knowledge that has been incorporated in the system through programming but as time goes by, the devices learn from their environment and adapt to different patterns and methods of interacting with the users.

Internet of things- This technology connects every electronic object to a network. It combines every related thing you could have in the house that makes up part of a smart home, ranging from sensors, smart objects and everyday devices like smartphones. They make it possible for these objects to communicate with other and complete required tasks without need for user input.

A complete smart home should consist of all the three; IoT, home automation and connected devices. The best way to control them and alter behavior whenever needed is by using a smartphone, a tablet or a computer.

Among the most important factors that’s considered by smart home owners or those who want to have an automated home installed is security. There is fear that one day someone might hack into the system and control your home. It is unimaginable that someone else could have the ability to control your TV channels or the temperature of your living room. However, all this are preventable when proper systems are put in place. It’s actually the same idea as that of a thief breaking through the traditional home doors; they all can be prevented and cannot stop us from buying luxury equipment.

These systems are built using very sophisticated skills and high intelligence. Most thieves would not even come close to breaking through an automated home. They do not use ordinary passwords, they use strong passwords that are changed regularly and the Wi-Fi network is fully encrypted to keep all hackers out.